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How to Stop your Marketing Video becoming a Snoozefest

We’ve all heard the statistics. By 2019 80% of all internet traffic will be video. That’s great, the internet is becoming all singing, all dancing, but that also means there’s a lot of competition out there for eyeballs. If there’s one thing to remember when making your marketing video it’s that…


When people read a document they like lots of facts. When people watch a video they like emotion. Emotion is what video does best. Fill a video full of facts and you’re likely to bore people.

When people watch a video of cats doing cute things it makes them fuzzy inside. 

That’s not to say that you should be making cat videos for your painting and decorating business. Although… ;-) And it also doesn’t mean that you should have tears falling down your cheeks when you’re filming yourself talking about you car insurance business.

Let me take you through a case study to illustrate my point.

One of my clients teaches people how to create internet marketing. He’s very successful. He’s a great example for people who want to set up a business on the internet. Now, he could make a long video listing at least fifty advantages of doing business on the internet. But that would be a long, very dry video. So what we did was take the just one of those things his success has brought him — the freedom to be with his family whenever he wants.

The first half of the video shows him driving a sexy car. It’s a very beautiful car. But after showing that in all its glory, lots of action shots to draw people in, we flip it. It’s not so much about the car at all. He arrives to have a picnic with his family. Money is great, but it’s the freedom that he cherishes. It’s short (30 seconds), simple and memorable.

Facts are important but always look for entertaining ways to get your message across.

Next, I'll be talking about how to make your video great, even if it's just a talking head.

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Here’s the video…

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